The development of will take place in two stages. First of all, baureka.archive and baureka.index are developed as basic modules. The modular platform will be then expanded in several stages with the addition of baureka.publications, and


For the initial phase of the following higher-level work packages can be named. The development of the platform is associated with coping with numerous information technology challenges and the development of new standards. At the same time, a simple, intuitively working environment must not only maximize acceptance in the professional community, but also make itself an instrument of community building (User Experience Design). Computer science, prototypical data acquisition and integration of the specialist community are therefore the focal points of the work packages.


01 Project Management

02 Community Activation

03 Formulating Policies

04 Development and adoption of metadata standards

05 Prototypical acquisition of metadata from external archives for baureka.index (meta data mapping)

06 Development of baureka.index

07 Prototypical acquisition of data for baureka.archive

08 Modelling acquired Data

09 Development of baureka.archive (including technical workflow and long-term storage)

10 Developing a front-ends for

11 Strategies for baureka online's sustainability

12 Accompanying Evaluation / Organisation of Workshops

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